We are closed Thanksgiving, Thursday Nov 26, 2020

We are closed Thanksgiving
Thursday Nov 26, 2020

If you have an ear, nose or throat medical urgent need, please call:

If you have an ear, nose or throat medical urgent need, please call:

Pediatric ENT Services Provided by Gateway ENT in St. Louis, MO

The Gateway ENT Pediatric Care Center

For babies, little kids, big kids and even your college-age children.

All our docs are board certified in Otolaryngology and have been trained to care for pediatric patients – from infants to teenagers. Otolaryngologists, or ENTs as we are often called, provide expert care for children with all types of ear, nose, sinus and airway problems such as sore throats, ear infections, and sleep disorders including snoring and sleep apnea. We also offer extensive audiology services and screenings for hearing loss and speech delays. These are only some of the reasons parents come in for an ENT evaluation for their children. For more than 40 years, we have been honored to serve St. Louis families.
Pediatric ENT Care Gateway ENT St Louis MO
Pediatric ENT Specialist Care Gateway ENT St Louis MO

Your Little Ones

We love listening to the SOUND of their voices

As parents and grandparents, all our doctors and audiologists know children are not miniature adults. They have unique physical and emotional needs. We recognize each child is special, with his or her own temperament and needs. We know children can be anxious when visiting a medical practice. We try hard at calming kids’ fears and we do our best to help them have a positive experience.
While we love seeing patients in the office, for all the parents who have missed an entire day of work to make it to the doctor, we want to remind you that when it makes sense for the child’s condition, we offer telemedicine appointments to get care started.

Your Teens and College-Aged Children

They are Music to our EARS

We have a soft spot for teenagers. They are beginning to take an interest in their health and sometimes as they get older their ear, nose and throat problems may get a little more complicated. That is when we come in to partner with you and your teen.
We encourage teens and particularly college-aged students to take steps to becoming stewards of their own health. This means closely listening to you and your child, taking time to explain things in a way everyone understands. When kids are involved with their health it leads to healthier adults.
It is a joy to see our college kids when they come home for visits. However, we understand that ear, nose and throat issues can arise at school, sometimes making a visit to the doctor difficult. We can offer telemedicine appointments to your college kids, looping you into the appointment as well. Your kids can get medical advice from a trusted source, giving you peace of mind while they may be far from home.
Teen ENT Care Gateway ENT St Louis MO
Family Ear Nose and Throat Care Gateway ENT St Louis MO

Office Based Visits and Surgery

HEADS and SHOULDERS above the Rest

Whether your child needs a simple evaluation, in-office procedure, a quick outpatient procedure or a complex surgery, you will have an excellent team well versed in pediatric care. We use gentle pediatric-specific techniques for all care and procedures so that your child feels safe and comfortable. We work with fantastic anesthesiologists at respected hospitals and surgery centers.

Some of The Pediatric Conditions We Treat

• Ear infections
• Failed school hearing test
• Hearing loss
• Perforated eardrum
• Recurrent sore throat
• Tonsil infections
• Sleep apnea and snoring

• Sinusitis
• Runny nose/congestion
• Nose bleeds
• Nasal fractures
• Nasal and Ear foreign bodies
• Tongue tie
• Neck masses

Accepting New Patients

We know most children will need to see an ENT specialist at least once during their childhood. Ear, Nose and Throat conditions make up more than 50 percent of all pediatric medical visits and we cannot thank parents enough for trusting Gateway ENT with their loved one’s care.

Pediatrics - Frequently Asked Questions

All our doctors are trained to care for both pediatric and adult patients. Your child will be in good hands with the doctor who cares for your health. However, our doctors are understanding if you choose a different physician for your child or if scheduling makes it more convenient to go with one of our other providers.

To better serve our established patients, we have a doctor on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round to answer urgent questions that can’t wait for an appointment. Please call our office at 314-843-3828 or our exchange at 314-364-5288. We also take calls at Urgent Specialists, a specialty urgent care, if you need immediate care after hours or on the weekends, visit: www.urgentspecialists.com or call 636-220-1470 for more information.

We understand that having your child under anesthesia can be very worrisome, that is why we only work with Board Certified Anesthesiologists. The Anesthesiologists with whom we work are excellent with children and have years of experience.

Our office staff will ask what problem(s) your child is seeing us for. If your doctor recommends a hearing test for that problem, we will schedule one.

Yes, we have full time Audiologists, with many years of experience with children. who perform complete hearing related services for children of all ages.

Yes, our experienced audiologists will work with you to find the best hearing aid for your child’s needs. They can also monitor and service your child’s hearing aids. We only offer the most respectable brands.

Yes, we care for numerous children that need to keep their ears dry for various reasons. We do sell custom and semi-custom earplugs that are highly effective to keep water out of your child’s ears. Ask your physician or one of our audiologists for more information.

Yes, we will be able to provide an excuse letter for your visit to your child’s school or your work. Please ask for this when you check out.

We have an incredibly nurturing staff who know children cannot be treated with a one size fits all model. We see lots of children with special needs. We work hard to make sure your experience at our office is as stress free as possible. If you have information about your child that would help us to make his or her visit better, please don’t hesitate to call and ask for your doctor’s medical assistant before your appointment. This will allow us to better plan for your visit and allow extra time if needed.

Yes, you may always choose to see a physician. However, we do have a nurse practitioner on staff who is well versed in ear, nose and throat conditions. She is often available for follow ups or post ops. She is also available at times when an appointment is needed quickly. She is fully supported by our doctors who are always available to her.

Being in private practice allows us to have close relationships with any pediatrician. We value the important relationship patients have with their pediatricians. We take the time to communicate patient visits to their pediatrician and if a patient does not have one, we often help that patient obtain one.

Yes, we believe it is important to be in good communication with your child’s primary doctor. With your written permission, we will communicate our recommendations, as well as your child’s condition and/or treatment to your child’s pediatrician so that they are aware of what is happening.

As a mother of a child with Autism, finding an ENT who is sensitive to his needs is not an easy task. Blake has a history of getting ear infections and strep throat. We think Doctor Hardeman is an amazing ENT Specialist. I recommend him for all parents with children of special needs and children who may struggle with ear infections. While we have seen Dr. Hardeman for many reasons, when he put tubes in Blake’s ears, the whole process could not have been any easier. He has a way of calmness and gentleness when working with Blake. He is so accommodating, understanding, and extremely thorough when discussing his recommendations for my child. He also has helped my husband with an ear issue he has had for many years. Dr. Hardeman is the ENT for you and your child. Thank you for all you do and continue to do to make my child feel safe and comfortable under your care."

Amanda Roedel, Gateway ENT Patient Parent

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