We are closed Thanksgiving, Thursday Nov 26, 2020

We are closed Thanksgiving
Thursday Nov 26, 2020

If you have an ear, nose or throat medical urgent need, please call:

If you have an ear, nose or throat medical urgent need, please call:

Patient Reviews of Gateway ENT in St. Louis, MO

We first started taking my dad, then my mom, when it became evident they needed hearing aids. The office is beautiful, neat, and clean. The staff are very helpful and kind. They are prompt and appointments are seen on time. We go to Dr. Stroble. They could not be kinder or more professional. They are sympathetic and take the time to discuss options. We feel my Mom (Dad has passed away) is well taken care of whenever we go to this office."

Helen McCarthy Buckley, Gateway ENT Facebook Reviews
Helen McCarthy Buckley Facebook Patient Review Gateway ENT St Louis MO

The staff and doctors at Gateway ENT are a fine bunch of folks. Always felt they were genuinely concerned of my well being and were friendly as can be. The office is nice and clean, with a variety of things to keep you and the little ones busy—although you may not get to take advantage of this as I have never had more than a few minutes wait. Great practice for all your ENT needs."

Kevin, Jones, Gateway ENT Patient
Kevin Jones Google Gravatar

I had gone to several different doctors to see if they could remove the tissue and they said they wouldn't be able to remove it since it wasn't in the surface. It was a tough procedure because the bumps were far down. Dr. Hardeman put me under with aesthesia and used a smaller needle instead of a larger needle. He was the first one who knew what he could do to remove the bumps from my mouth and explained exactly what he was doing. He was experienced and I felt more comfortable with him. He also had more certifications like the FACS and plastic surgery experience than just the medical board. I would highly recommend him."

Dr. Yoon found an issue that other doctors hadn't been able to pinpoint. I had no problem getting an appointment to fit my schedule even though I was a new patient. The follow up visit was just as easy to schedule and Doctor Yoon and his staff are always prompt with getting you in and addressing the issue at hand. Dr. Yoon has been able to answer all of my questions and concerns to my satisfaction thus far.

Matthew McFarland, Gateway ENT Google Review
Matthew McFarland Patient Review Gateway ENT St Louis

Dr. West is a superb doctor. He is gentle in manner, concise in explanations, warm and friendly, very highly skilled and knowledgable. My mother, age 99, was delighted with his personality and his treatment. He made her comfortable, worked quickly, and she had no discomfort in her very sensitive ears during treatment. He cleared the clogged passages (one clogged to the point of not being able to hear) and she felt relieved and glad in a short time. I was able to get her an appointment as a new patient in just a couple of days. His staff was extremely gracious and caring of my mother who needs some assistance in moving about. We were very happy with Dr. West and would see him again without any hesitation and will recommend him to friends."

I cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience with Dr. Scott Hardeman. After my daughter had spent most of her freshman year of college plagued with chronic sickness, we saw Dr. Hardeman during one of her breaks home from school. The office was incredibly accommodating, quickly working her in to evaluate her situation while she was home, and they were even more accommodating when scheduling the tonsillectomy she ultimately needed during a small window of opportunity between the end of her semester and the beginning of her summer internship. A tonsillectomy as a young adult can be a painful procedure. Dr. Hardeman was incredibly thorough and forthright with what to expect and was completely accessible and responsive to our questions and needs every step of the way through the entire process. Having the surgery to remove my daughter’s tonsils was one of the best decisions we have made as she no longer suffers from chronic throat pain and infections. The only decision better than that one was the decision to have Dr. Hardeman perform the surgery. He is an excellent doctor, expert surgeon and just an all-around great human!"

Cara Frisella, Gateway ENT Patient Parent
Cara F. Patient Review for Gateway ENT in St. Louis, MO

Dr. Ziaee is so awesome, super friendly. Explains everything with you so you understand fully. She also did my complete thyroidectomy and did such a magnificent job you can barely see the scar at all. She actually played an essential part in making sure I was able to get the correct testing done that lead to the conformation and removal of my cancer!

Lauren, St. Louis, MO. Review Posted On Healthgrades.com

Dr. West and the staff have been wonderful to work with! Dr. West makes sure to take his time with my care, he always answers any questions or concerns I may have. The staff there is always extremely helpful and pleasant to work with. I have been a patient of Dr. West since 2015 and have received exceptional care! Thank you Gateway ENT for being so awesome!

Brandon Hensley, Gateway ENT Google Review

As a mother of a child with Autism, finding an ENT who is sensitive to his needs is not an easy task. Blake has a history of getting ear infections and strep throat. We think Doctor Hardeman is an amazing ENT Specialist. I recommend him for all parents with children of special needs and children who may struggle with ear infections. While we have seen Dr. Hardeman for many reasons, when he put tubes in Blake’s ears, the whole process could not have been any easier. He has a way of calmness and gentleness when working with Blake. He is so accommodating, understanding, and extremely thorough when discussing his recommendations for my child. He also has helped my husband with an ear issue he has had for many years. Dr. Hardeman is the ENT for you and your child. Thank you for all you do and continue to do to make my child feel safe and comfortable under your care."

Amanda Roedel, Gateway ENT Patient Parent

Dr. Gaughan has taken care of me, two of my sons and one grandson. He did multiple surgeries on my youngest son to save his hearing by removing many bony tumors and reshaping the inner ear so that he could effectively hear. My family has been using him for about 30 years."

Marlene Jones, Gateway ENT Google Review

I had a 100% good experience in my appointment with Dr. West this week. I got my hearing back after he treated my ears, one of which was completely clogged with wax. I cannot have my ears treated with water or similar "home" type remedies, so I needed to see a specialist. Dr. West is such a specialist and his treatment was gentle, completely effective and did not take very long. He was very gentle in his treatment process, and his staff was very kind and considerate and I waited only about 5 minutes in the waiting room. I was a first time patient but got an appointment just a couple days from my initial call. What a pleasure it was to visit Dr. West and feel so great afterwards. I definitely recommend him to any and all."

Dr Stroble performed a tonsillectomy on my 6 year old last week. He was great with our son and his staff was excellent!! They were incredibly helpful on the billing and insurance side of things and Ive always gotten through very quickly when I call. I would definitely recommend them."

Lettie, Festus MO. Review Posted On Healthgrades.com

Our middle kiddo had his tonsils/adenoids out as a young 3 year old. Our oldest had tubes put in his ears at 8, and a year later had his tubes/tonsils/adenoids taken out. Dr. Gaughan was our ENT every step of the way. He is a doctor who cares, knows his stuff and he is great with children. He made the follow-up calls himself after each of the surgeries, which to me, speaks volumes. We highly recommend Dr. Gaughan!"

Ginger Garrett, Gateway ENT Google Review
Ginger Garrett, Doctor Gaughan, Gateway ENT Google Review

Dr. Hardeman performed sinus surgery on me in November of 2017. I was chronically ill for 4 years prior. Multiple doctors. Multiple surgeries. Hospitalizations. Infections. His course of post-op treatment has been completely different than my previous sinus surgeries with other doctors. I have not felt this good in 4 years. It's been life-changing. He takes the time to listen and explain. The office staff is professional, friendly and patient. Highly recommended.

Paul Boston Facebook Patient Review Gateway ENT St Louis MO

I was suffering from my first case of vertigo and was scared. On the recommendation of a friend, I contacted the office of Gateway ENT. Dr. Hardeman listened to my concerns, was compassionate, and yet direct. Thus far the outcome has been a success. I was timely seen and the staff was courteous. The experience exceeded my expectations. I received first rate service from Dr. Scott Hardeman and all The Gateway staff! Thank You."

John Paul, Gateway ENT Patient

As my mother ages and requires more medical attention, it is important to me that I not only trust who is taking care of her but that I know they do so with a caring and patient demeanor. My mom has some complicated medical issues, and she needs physicians who can coordinate care with other doctors. At the same time, she’s smart, inquisitive and has a keen interest in understanding the suggested course of action. Dr. Hardeman has all the attributes that make him a good physician for what I believe older patients like my mom want. He is a good communicator, listens well, is respectful and takes a lot of time with my mom. He has no problem picking up the phone and talking to her family and her doctors. Whether I accompany my mom when she visits Dr. Hardeman or not, I know she will get the quality care she needs while in his care."

Todd Kohlbecker​, Gateway ENT Patient

Dr Yoon is so patient and caring. And all the staff. Very friendly and welcoming."

Dawn Mitchell, Gateway ENT Google Review
Dawn Mitchell Google Gravatar

Dr. Yoon is great."

Shay Hixson Google Gravatar

Dr. Stroble did tubes for both of my children. He was nice and patient. His team of nurses are fabulous."

Dr. Stroble was so nice and explained things really well. He also listened to any concerns we had and was very reassuring! Also, all of the employees in that office are so kind! I would definitely recommend them."

Dr. Gaughan is thorough in every aspect of his profession. I was satisfied with my outcome and the care/treatment of my child."

Good Game Google Gravatar

Dr. Gaughan has been a pleasure to work with. It is evident that he cares about each patient as he takes his time explaining exactly what he is doing and why. He also was incredibly empathetic when I expressed concern and answered my questions in great detail. I was incredibly grateful that I was referred to his office."

Michael Schulte, Gateway ENT Google Review
Michael Schulte Google Gravatar

Low wait time with Dr Gaughan and was great during the pediatric surgery for tonsils and adenoids."

Cara Pellerin, Gateway ENT Google Review
Cara Pellerin Google Gravatar

Dr Gaughan is awesome shows u step by step what he is doing."

Dr Hardeman is a fabulous Doctor. Emily is always friendly and welcoming."

Doc Hardeman is the absolute best ENT! I have total faith and trust in him."

Dr. Hardeman is a great ENT physician who listens."

Geri Baum Google Gravatar

Dr. West is the best. He has been taking care of me for over ten years. Very friendly and takes the tone to explain everything."

Krista Marklin Rowe, Gateway ENT Google Review

The Staff and the doctors are very friendly and helpful to know what you're dealing with in the ears nose and throat they want to be able to get it done. My doctor did really well."

The staff was extremely friendly and professional. The doctor was very attentive and helpful. I highly recommend them!"

Marla McLaughlin, Gateway ENT Google Review
Marla McLaughlin Google Gravatar

I hear they are great 🙂 Actually they are great. Staff is friendly and they run on time."

Will T Google Gravatar

The staff was so caring. My doctor listened to what I had to say."

Great Doctor, very kind and thorough."

Suzanne Gibson, Gateway ENT Google Review

I had a severely clogged ear, was treated very nicely by all the staff and they were able to quickly clean my ear out, now i can hear again!"

Last man standing, Gateway ENT Google Review

The staff helps you to relax when you are nervous."

Charlesetta Johnson, Gateway ENT Google Review

Dr. Stroble is great!"

Thadd Holdinghausen, Gateway ENT Google Review
Thadd Holdinghausen Google Gravator

Always prompt and can get in quick."

Tim Yarber Google Gravatar

Great place, when you need it. :)"

The staff helps you to relax when you are nervous."

Charlesetta Johnson, Gateway ENT Google Review

Dr West was great."

Michelle Lafrance, Gateway ENT Google Review

The Staff and the doctors are very friendly and helpful to know what you're dealing with in the ears nose and throat they want to be able to get it done. My doctor did really well."

Very nice and professional. They will be the only place I go for ENT from now on."

John Tynes Facebook Photo

I recommend this place to family and friends. Kristen is the best audiologist in town! Very knowledgeable, compassionate and professional."

Brian Carter Facebook Photo

I received excellent care from Dr. West and his office staff. I would certainly recommend him to friends and family."

Dr. West is a Great Doctor! Very professional with excellent bedside manners. He is a straight shooter and let's you know all the facts. I am so fortunate to have him as my ENT. He did an excellent job with my sinus surgery."

Dr. Gaughan is a very caring man he listened to my concerns."

Very professional. Obviously knows his material—and was appropriately compassionate. Great demeanor. Office staff was fine and timely. He is running tests in a few days, right before Christmas. I appreciated him very much."

Dr. Gaughan is very professional, explains the procedure, timely, affective, staff are empathetic, clean well cared for surroundings, effective office personnel."

He performed a tonsilectomy on my 6 year old last week. He was great with our son and his staff was excellent!! They were incredibly helpful on the billing and insurance side of things and I've always gotten through very quickly when I call. I would definitely recommend them."

It was perfection Dr. Hardeman spent quality time with me and truly showed me why I chose to see a Private Practice doctor."

I recommend Dr. Hardeman to anyone who's looking for a ENT with a great sensitivity to the patient who listens and explains your situation very well. He's thorough and will spend time with you to listen and advise you on what options you should consider. Grade:A +"

Wonderful. Dr. Hardeman is an excellent sinus surgeon. He's the sinus doctor other doctors refer choose. He also has treated my kids for their many ear issues."

I am a new patient. When Dr. Hardeman came into the room, he was fully aware of the problem and my history. It was obvious he had read my file. He was VERY knowledgeable, and patiently answered each one of my many questions. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an ENT."

I had battled sinus problems and repetitive sinus infection for 50 years when I finally found Dr. Hardeman in 2011. After totally painless sinus surgery, I have been free of all such problems for over five years. I spent most of my career as a hospital CEO in California and recognize extraordinary medical talent when I see it. Dr. Hardeman is an extraordinary physician and surgeon, whom I would recommend to anyone looking for the very best."

Great Bedside Manner. Dr. Hardeman is sawesome. he is great with kids."

I have had multiple sinus surgeries by previous surgeons. Dr. Hardeman is well-known for his ability to manage difficult sinus problems. He was able to help me with a minor operation and a few visits in the office. I highly recommend him."

I had heard that Dr. Hardeman is one of the best sinus surgeons in the country. I had 4 previous surgeries by other doctors. Doctor Hardeman was able to repair problems caused by terrible sinus disease and prior poor surgery outcomes. It is great to be well and breathe better."

Dr. West is wonderful and has a good sense of humor too. I've been a patient of Dr. West for a very long time. He's an excellent, caring doctor."

I had a rare condition known as Wegeners Granulomatosis. It had been in remission for 24 years, and the nose bleeds had started again. My old ENT had long since retired. Dr. West was familiar with this rare condition, he hit it with Prednizone and Bactrium. Remission again in 4-6 weeks. He was knowledgable, friendly, punctual, went well beyond what I would have expected with a normal ENT. That's why I'm going back there next month for an annual checkup."

Dr. Hardeman is very smart, runs on time, and is a good listener. I found him after hearing him on the radio discussing medical treatments."

Dr. Hardeman is an excellent doctor. Very well trained. Great personality. Compassionate and kind."

Dr. Hardeman is very professional and you can tell he cares about his patients."

Dr. Hardeman is very, very good. He is very gentle. He is very soft spoken. He is not pushy. He allows you to make up your mind about treatments. You usually can be seen in a matter of weeks. He is usually very prompt. His bedside manner is very good. My entire family sees him."

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